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Slash Beta Reader

Is anybody interested in beta reading my Harry Potter slash story? Story details: Yes, this is a male slash story story. The setting will be year 8 (after the war). It has not yet been decided, but there might be some sexual scenes. So just a warning, just in case. Also, I plan for this story to have a happy ending. This story is about Harry's secret admirer even though he's already in a romantic relationship with Hermione. It will be somebody obvious, so I guess it's only a mystery for Harry.
This is what I'm looking for in a beta reader (just so people know exactly what it is I want. Same as last post):

- Somebody who is willing to stick with me until the end of my story.

- Somebody who will be patient with me as I write the story, as I will send them one chapter at a time, and write the new chapter after the chapter before is beta read, edited and such.

- Somebody who will be honest. I'm not looking for the fluffy "Oh I love it!" kind of feedback. I want the honest truth. Something like "Okay, this scene right here is no good, take it out," (giving a reason as to why would be very helpful, and appreciated). If at any point in the story, you're in doubt, don't be afraid to go "Are you going anywhere with this?"

- The idea of having a beta reader is to make the story better, so please take your time. I'm in no rush, and I want the story to be something people will enjoy.

- Checking to see if I'm using proper grammar is something I'm looking for in a beta reader.

- Checking to see if my characteristics of the characters are spot on.

- Also note that I will be willing to accept multiple beta readers.

Okay, so that's what I'm looking for in a beta reader. If interested, private message me, or e-mail me at (just put Harry/Mystery slash story beta reader in the subject line. I do not open e-mails without subjects). Let me know how you would want me to send you the story. Thanks!
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